New Educational Foundation Uplifts One At A Time

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Press Release


For Immediate Release

(Edgewater NJ) –   ONE UP ALL FOUNDATION, a newly established nonprofit’s mission is to provide assistance to worthy and needy students in Grades K-12 one at a time.  One Up All takes a unique approach to its educational aspiration mission. It focuses on the needs of one worthy and needy student. By not focusing on a community group like a school or church, One Up All is able to drill down to a specific need and remedy it.

young boy studiesONE UP ALL is unique in its approach in that it has a broad definition for who is worthy. Naturally, the high test scoring, STEM kids are in the candidate pool. But One Up All recognizes that there is another larger pool of candidates who, because of need, are unable to reach their full potential.  It is that latter group that tends to fall through the cracks, whose needs go recognized and unanswered, and who’s very existence more often that not isn’t known.

ONE UP ALL is the brainchild of Shannon Currie, President of the Bergen County Chapter of the National Urban League and a VP at Benenson Strategy Group, a politician strategy firm.  According to Currie, “The need is great. Covid-19 has revealed just how much. It has also made the challenges of individuals readily apparent.  By hearing the individual stories of students struggling with remote learning because of lack of computer equipment or Wi-Fi access, it became apparent that their was a need for an organization like One Up All.”

ONE UP ALL using grants, corporate and individual donations provides services in four areas:

  • Computer/ Wi-Fi Access
  • Individual and Group Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Financial Assistance


ONE UP ALL asks the community to identify students.  The Foundation then vets student candidates by contacting their teachers, school administrators and the student themselves when necessary.  One Up All’s assistance is ongoing. They follow students to ensure that their support continues to be needed and have been put to good use. Submission of report cards as well as the reports of tutors, mentors and others go into a student’s record and are reviewed to continue or halt assistance.

Nominate A Student
To nominate a student for assistance, visit One Up All Foundation’s website and complete the Application.

The Need Is Great

A recent article in The Hechinger Report noted how Tutoring could intervene to prevent many students now suffering from the “Covid Slide”. Tutoring is one of the oldest forms of education and research shows that when done right, tutoring is also one of the most effective means of lifting student achievement.

Yet, tutoring has historically been reserved for the monied elite and is often cost-prohibitive for the children who need it most. Notes Currie, “One of the services that One Up All will offer is Individual and Small Group Tutoring. We want to try to remedy that.”

A 2018 report by the Pew Research Center found that 15 percent of U.S. households with school-age children lack high-speed internet, including one in three households with an annual income of less than $30,000. Some studies suggest that students who lack access to a computer at home are less likely than their more privileged peers to graduate from high school.

“Computer equipment and Wi-Fi Access are services One Up All provides,” adds Currie. “By focusing resources on the needs of a single student, we think we can have big impact not only on the individual candidate but also the school and ultimately, the community.”


One Up All Foundation, Inc is a NJ 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2020 to address the educational gaps in public schools across the nation. It provides assistant to worthy and needy students who are nominated by third parties, vetted and followed to ensure aid is positively affecting the educational achievement of its constituencies.  Support One Up All.